As you may be aware, the Covid-19 virus is potentially carried on a dog’s coat, if the dog is exposed to the virus or is in a household that has any members experiencing any of the symptoms.

Therefore it is important to state at this point that I would be unable to groom any dog that is in a household with any members who are ill or experiencing symptoms from the virus.  A suitable appointment will be made for these clients at a later date.  However, that said I will be taking the necessary precautions when grooming every dog as any of us could be unknowingly carrying the virus and transferring it onto a dog’s coat.  To enable me to protect myself and others from these risks I will be allowing additional time to disinfect after every dog, including the premises, equipment and myself as well as wearing the necessary PPE. It is also very important to arrive and collect your dog on time to enable all these procedures to run smoothly.

I greatly appreciate your support in these trying times as we embark on  moving forward and thus enabling me to groom and pamper your dogs the way I always have in the past.

I have set out below  the new guidelines required to enable me to work safely whilst adhering to the government’s advice of safe working environments and social distancing.

  • I will message everyone individually, the day before your appointment whereby you can confirm that you are able to attend your appointment and that neither you or any household members have any Covid-19 symptoms. At this point we will also arrange your next appointment.
  • On arrival at The Dog Studio, please tie up your dog at the new “drop off/collection point” at the side of The Dog Studio (using the slip lead provided and take your own collar and lead home with you). Please ring the bell above the tie up point and wait behind the designated line for me to collect your dog. This allows for us to observe the 2m social distancing. If a dog is already tied up at the “drop off/collection point” please wait outside the main gate until the owner arrives to collect their dog.
  • An appropriate time for collection will be agreed and your dog can be collected at the same “drop off/collection point”. Please ring the bell to alert me that you have arrived and remember to bring your own collar and lead back with you.
  • If a dog is matted then it may be necessary on this occasion to take the coat shorter than normal. This is always the kinder and humane option for your dog, making them happier and more comfortable. Also remember the hair will quickly grow back and your dog’s normal hairstyle will be resumed once back to a regular grooming schedule. (If extremely matted this may incure a small additional charge.)
  • Throughout this procedure I will wear the necessary PPE to protect myself, my family, as well as you and your family.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment please allow a minimum of 24 hours which allows me to pass your space to someone else.
  • Please note I can only take one dog into The Dog Studio at a time to prevent cross contamination in the bathing/drying phase, therefore multiple dogs from one household will now need to be done separately.

I greatly appreciate your cooperation in these very difficult times and as always will be delighted to be grooming your lovely dogs.

***Please remember that if you or any other member of your household is displaying Covid-19 symptoms, your groom will be need to be rescheduled for a future date and an appropriate space will be made available for you.***

May 1, 2020